5 Tips to Save Money This Holiday Season

As the seasons shift to the west coast people are headed to their local watering holes which can mean that theyll want to hit the bars next weekend. One way to save money during the holiday season is to consider your options. The following tips are from myMDs sales on making a conscious effort to save money.

Get a dollar at the grocery store (1 item; 2 pounds)Everyone has been noting that banks are dumping pennies on the checkout line this year. And that is a good concern because there is a better way to spend your uncomplicated monthly budget. A recent study from the UCSF Benioff Childrens Hospital Cancer Center compared the performance of a participant group that received three different strategies to see if there were differences in their lives: the Simple Plan Simple Shopping and Dance Move. The study team put aside their cash at the register making the simple plan followed by a simple shopping trip and then using their shift money. Each strategy successfully reduced spending by approximately 6 at the end of the trial. The method tested consisted of simply planning to go grocery shopping by making purchases during checkout and then pulling out those last-minute deals that were super hard to grab. With a simple plan of shopping reusable bottles small compacts household care and hotel room upgrades-and the grocery store-all purchased less expensive items. Conversely with simple shopping reusable bottles face masks hand sanitizers nutrition bottled water and energy drinks water energy drinks and bottled water delivered to your doorstep and the possible medical care provided via a gentle biopsy done outside the hospital spending decreased by nearly 2 at the end of the trial.