Here you will find articles dealing with mental health. We will be including articles from psychology, women’s and young people’s magazines, as well as links to the information we provide and, wherever possible, full author details. If we have missed any copyright information please let me know.

Self-harm: ‘I cut myself to feel better’
The Telegraph article onself-harm. There are some issues with the article; SI is by no means a recent thing and affects more of the population than is suggested, but as far as newspaper articles go it wasn’t that bad.

Goth subculture may protect vulnerable children
Article discussing the links between goths and self injurers. By Gaia Vince.

An entry on self harm in the Wikipedia online encyclopoedia.

One in 10 teen girls self-harm: study
An article on the Australia website discussing self harm in young women.

Goths more likely to self harm
An article in the British Medical Journal looking at the links between goth and self harm.

Harm Minimisation
An article on harm minimisation – what is it and what it does. Written by Mary Hillery.