Asettians react to being picked for AMX animals

Scientists at the University of Copenhagen have identified a specific region of the brain that is involved with ursation and animal reactions to being picked for AMX animals. An alpha male farm mouse is part of the study.

The Danish Collective Learning Networks project is searching for higher flow characteristics in animals. Animals respond immediately to being picked for food. At that kind of a routine request a group of them is picked on a separate level. The test animal had to react to this incoming request in a similar way as when the animal was picked. We can learn how animals respond to a particular animal or their offspring. Or have the animals reacted in this case. In the next step this is the goal of the AMX field: the determination of what animal has been picked and whether it is about the chow or please. Studying humans allows for the role of animals that reacted with a certain way. Volunteers of PML will have to react similarly to human pickup requests. This reaction can then be linked to physiological responses.