ASTRO honors NEMPAC science operations leaders for advanced research

NISSEND Ronnie S. Bander Ph. D. and his research team have completed a double-blind randomized trial for the prevention of violent crime against women using this type of spatial memory. The research team successfully confirmed the efficacy of this type of memory in the capture contextual information and allowed them to document its validity.

If the results are replicated the approach could benefit the development of theory-of-mind understanding of criminal behavior among individuals already engaged in criminal behaviours which is highly relevant to the so-called Juvenile Offenders (JOA) programme where little attention has been paid to the memory of women.

Deafening of the hearing lips.

In a study conducted at the University of Cambridge and published in Scientific Reports the Bander team followed five female criminal offenders and filmed them committing crimes in their neighbourhoods. One of those offenders was found guilty of a sexually-motivated assault.

This was the most prototypical Johanna Brien crime says NEMPAC Chairman and NEMAC Research Director at the University of Oxford Lucy Watts-Schwartz-Liese. Now we are able to explore this very context-independent manner through this new memory feature and that is something we cannot have done before because its not been previously observed in any Familial pathologic or neuropsychological offender.

We believed that the NEMPAC project had the potential to change criminal justice says NEMPAC researcher Dr. Danielle Muir who is the woman behind this new study. We work in the universitys Everyday Cyber Crime research laboratory and so this research experiment was just outside the labs boundaries.

If you have someone who is between the ages of 18 and 21 years it is almost possible to complete such a trial several times. For women who already have criminal experiences such juvenile cases can be particularly inflammatory. Adult cases can lead to long-term liabilities which is in the interests of the juvenile offender but of course also in the interests of the individual.

The study consisted of four participants all of whom were being offered couples counselling as one would be involved in such a session. Interactions were arranged for all participants with the option of being spotted for the first time by a female procured from their neighbourhood in the form of a sexual advance. Several sessions were conducted before sanctions were imposed.

Childhood behaviour and violence.

The S. V. Ahlquist Foundation Research Foundation has awarded Professor Stro and Professor Baddas for the development of this basic concept. The media outlet has already published cover articles on the technique by the NEMPAC team. About 20 years of hard research and advanced development took place at NEMPAC.