Cape Cod Hospital on verge of listing all intents and causes that COVID-19 may cause

The Cape Cod-based hospital treating more than 2000 patients at the Guyer Memorial in Rhode Island is on the brink of listing all intents and causes that could trigger illness in potentially thousands of people including premature deaths the agencys website shows.

Widespread disease is due to spread of COVID-19 between patients due to interactions with medical professionals and close contacts which can put the vulnerable in greater risk of getting serious illness doctors say.

There are now four such areas of concern including the patient encounter with the health care provider and the staff member or member who exhibits symptoms (including fever or other subtle symptoms) within the building or is exposed to a contagious airborne agent.

The announcement is accompanied by a full statement from the agencys chief prosecutor in which they can explain how they have identified risk factors including travel exposure and contact. The agency is encouraged to provide that information for press coverage.

After evaluating the risk factors we have determined that it is more likely than not that healthcare providers who interact with the patients at Guyer will report to the public that they have experienced the disease said the agencys interim CEO Sharleen Scrocca.

Preliminary data from April 1 to June 8 showed more than 22000 recorded COVID-19 cases and nearly 600 deaths in Rhode Island with many more expected.

The debate over the presence of comorbidities – the presence of two or more serious conditions in someone sick with COVID-19 – has been discussed by the agencys 13-member leadership.

The ability of this facility is elevated to successfully treat all intents and causes that are present within this facility a statement on the agencys website said.

Cape Cod Hospital spokeswoman Amy Shulman said the facility was not asking people to replace existing medical staff as the hospital was fielding increasing calls from people with serious potentially life-threatening conditions for advice on hand-washing and other common cold symptoms.