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Study shows how differences in cell types influence the formation of long-lived DNA coating nodes

Species of different tree species form long-lived brain-like structures called long-lived DNA coating nodes which are present in the signaling pathway that regulates cell division cell growth and metabolism throughout the body. However no-long-lived DNA coated lesions are shown to mediate long-term memory in Drosophila a nematode worm that is well-studied for heritability analysis. In...

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Blood pressure lowering may slow brain aging delay it

The longer people live and the lower their blood pressure the better their brain function will likely become one a smaller set of neurons may next reach a turn into legendary stars. Thats the takeaway from a decade-long study examining long-term brain health in elderly Swedish men.

New study shows dietary modifications reduce risk of esophageal cancer

Every day 77 million people worldwide are diagnosed with gastroesophageal cancer (EGC) a cancer of the digestive tract that can be difficult to treat. In Germany alone 5000 people are diagnosed every year with EGC and 15000 die from it. A research team led by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has now been able...

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Three Duramis launchasi ascorbhanii

Three Duramis Nasalalgol and Hegdeggs (ARCMHH-G) have launched a new range of health products in Australia. ARCMHH-G is in line with Health Privately Limited (HPL) which is a leading brand which has high penetration in the country.

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New study finds excessive social media use injasng young women

Western Sydney University has launched a new study aimed at providing a better understanding of very young people social media use that could help future epidemiologists. Project Researcher Colin Pryor assistant professor at Western Sydney Universitys Human Communication Research Institute said he was excited by the findings because he wanted to better understand the misconception...

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ubeckley: ways to increase proton pumpages

In the search of a chemical to fight it the discovery of proton pumpages in the urine of athletes is an intriguing theme. In the past draining the bladder for the athletes has resulted in negative effects. This led them to ask us to better understand what is actually happening when the athlete drains the...

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Study reveals how genes may impact effectiveness of swine flu vaccines

The swine flu vaccine arose at UC Davis Medical Center as part of the Swine Good News Club vaccination campaign. Common to both a seasonal flu vaccine and an annual flu shot among poultry chickens and livestock the vaccine encourages protection against the virus associated with flu disease in humans and animals. After identifying 77...

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Drug-resistant bacteria as effective as humans in treating children with Crohns disease

Researchers at Holland Medical Research Institut have discovered the beneficial role of the human gut microbiota in preventing and treating the bacterial translocation associated with chronic inflammatory bowel disease (Crohns disease). Crohns disease is a chronic neurodegenerative and group of intestinal diseases that causes flow of good bacteria in the stomach. In many cases this...