Chinas Industry Claims Winners from 17 COVID-19 Clinical Trials

(Registration required for full coverage)Chinas Industry and MNCs will join behind a series of clinical trials that try to asses the effectiveness of coronavirus prevention and treatment feature items and cost effectiveness of treatments and therapeutic drugs in combating the coronavirus outbreak according to a statement from the World Health Organization (WHO) archived on Monday.

China which reported it had 557 new confirmed cases of the virus on Thursday also reported 71 local infections and three deaths.

The WHO said it will continue to monitor the spread of the virus and if it spreads to areas where people are already infected it could put the lives of 1000 people at risk.

New cases of the virus are tearing apart a system that saw thousands of people temporarily flee areas that are under lockdown in a bid to rein in the disease which has killed over 100000 and infected more than 9 million globally.

Officials in China which reported the first cases of the virus two months ago now face a major challenge to stop its spread.

Hubei province the epicentre of the outbreak has more than 10 million cases and has restricted travel by people with a confirmed diagnosis but authorities in that region are trying to get China to rein in its now-armed splinter-producing strain.

China has rolled out restrictions in the southern province of Yunnan a major economic and research centre and said it would turn some transportation hubs into quarantine areas a move that has led to rationing across parts of the province.

Authorities in Guangdong especially the coastal city of Shenzhen have limited intra-city trips and advised people to shun large businesses.

Beyond the southern province of Hunan authorities are also trying to find means to store and treat protective equipment for local healthcare workers Reuters reported earlier this week.

Beijing and Shanghai are imposing curfews for workers returning home after the outbreak poses a daily threat to the citys logistics system.

Authorities in Beijing have urged Tibetans to maintain contact with Beijing healthcare workers.

Shanghai said it would extend an offer it made campaign for people to stay at home after the outbreak to 20 days because of the worsening situation as public transport in the city was overwhelmed by people arriving from outside.

The mandatory testing of some workers has stalled while China prioritized using cameras and mobile health checks to track infections.