Europe could face more coronavirus deaths as infections rate thaws

Europe could see more than a third of the recent coronavirus deaths over the next two months as the infection rate thaws a top European Union health official said on Saturday as the bloc was projecting 12000 deaths over the following two months.

The doctor in our departments told us that at 12000 deaths the peak is already there Philip Schinas head of the European Unions health policy unit told a parliamentary hearing.

Schinas did not give a figure but he said it could rise to 14000 in the coming weeks. He said that was far up on the previous number of deaths Europeans saw in March and April.

Last week the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control forecast that the disease would kill 9000 people in the coming weeks. Twenty four EU states have already reported a fall in the daily death toll of between 7000 and 9000. The United States has seen a 4000 percent fall since the beginning of the week.

The victims of the disease include 11 of the 27 who were initially confirmed as showing symptoms.

Schinas said that while the disease was spreading across Europe it was now growing more concentrated in the bottom-most third of the 27 countries and would get even more severe late March and April.

He also did not give a reassuring tally of how long it could take until the virus was no longer spreading.

He said that the relief measures introduced up to Tuesday were having a knock on effect and urged leaders in the feuding 28-nation bloc to follow through with them.

A source from the European Councils foreign ministers Ralf Vereecke told Reuters that he had spoken to Schinas on Saturday and also said that staff in preventive and public health vehicles were not replicating their work.

Vereecke said he had targeted replacement leaders whose statements he said betrayed a threat by Prime Minister Ed Vaeser the pan-European science minister to kickstart the economy.

Vereecke criticised Schinas for comparing a different belt of EU countries to Germany Denmark Switzerland and Liechtenstein for failing to ramp up their health services.

We need to make sure we reinforce our police make sure we increase our nurses increase our gynaecologists he said without giving a figure.