Flavoring: Europe adopts tough new measures against coronavirus

Europe has adopted more stringent measures while it is increasing testing and testing-equipment purchases for flavoring products a new report suggested on Friday while most European countries are relaxing restrictions on socializing at night.

FDA Commissioner Jerome Salomon downplayed the report saying: The presence of particles from the individual aerosol is very small when inhaled the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology report said.

Salomon said that particles are likely only a small amount of germs and that they could be harmless or harmful depending on their sizes.

The report based on a review of worldwide testing data said that Europe has 7439 active coronavirus infections with 2482 deaths since January.

Some 22 EU member states removed some restrictions on socialisation at night aiming to dent the transmission of the virus in all but of the 27 countries that consistently tighten their guidelines.

The report did not identify which measures had resulted in a reduction in the transmission rate. Salomon said it could be different in those nations.

The table of countries shows those that strictly adhered to recommendations to enforce curbs on community gatherings and to remove children from schools vacationing transport athletics and other activities across the continent and are stepping up testing.