We are always ready to welcome people who’d like to get involved with Scar Tissue and there are several things you can do.

Scar Tissue online
We can also be found on various websites, including MySpace, Facebook and Bebo, and we could use your support there. Check us out (links below), add us to your friends list and invite more people to join. You can post on our walls, write in the forums, create polls and discuss self injury.

The Newsletter
You can get information about Scar Tissue and self injury by subscribing to our newsletter, and we’re always looking for people to contribute to it. If you’d like to share the experiences you’ve had telling people about your self harm, send in tips for distracting yourself when you have the urge to hurt yourself or just comment on the site email me at [email protected].

The Site
Part of what makes the messageboards such a great place to be is the support and stories the members share with each other. We want to reflect that in the site and so would love it if you’d send us your experiences. Send us the stories of things you’ve experienced with self injury, poems, letters, comments – anything you want and that you think would help the site raise more awareness. Email me at [email protected]