There are a variety of websites which have leaflets on all aspects of self harm for you to download. These, as well as leaflets designed and written by Scar Tissue, can be found here.

Self Injury Awareness Day Poster
A colourful poster containing information on self harm and Scar Tissue that you can print out and display.

We also have Welsh language versions of these posters.
Self Injury Awareness Day yn Gymraeg

Some of our posters also have tear-off bits at the bottom so passers by can take the website address with them.

Self Injury: How Much Do You Know?

A&E; Checklist and crisis card

If you have hurt yourself and need medical attention sometimes you might not feel able to actually speak to someone. This form will make it easier for you and staff at the hospital, as you can give them the information which they need without having to talk straight away.


Coming soon, our Self Injury Policy guidance document is a great resource which helps headteachers think about what’s necessary for a school self injury policy. Contact [email protected] if you’d like any more advice on creating a self injury policy.

We also have a Scar Tissue and Schools leaflet which you could give to give to your headmaster, principal or head of year. It gives some advice on promoting awareness of self injury in your school as well as how Scar Tissue can help.

To save a PDF file, ‘right-click’ on its link and select ‘Save Target As…’ and save it to your computer.


Other Sources for Leaflets
The Bristol Crisis Service for Women is an excellent organisation providing help and advice. Their website has a range of leaflets on self harm in a variety of languages, including Urdu and Arabic.

The Basement Project has some factsheets about self harm on its website.

The Eating Disorder Association has a range of leaflets, including audio files, on eating disorders.

The National Self Harm Network has several leaflets and posters on self harm which can be downloaded.