Major grants alleviate chronic disease fears in Douma

A fundraiser supporting temporary housing for people displaced by the ongoing year-long siege of Douma in eastern Congo has raised 2 million for diagnostic testing health-care and drought research.

Douma Daily Communities is attempting to house her own community of 11000-households displaced by rebel violence and hunger rather than a quarantine-like facility.

A week ago the Douma Daily Community has reached its target of 2. 2 million for testing laboratory and diagnostic materials for the coronavirus which causes COVID-19 and is taking more than six months to develop Industry Minister Charles Lavender later told a news conference.

But funding for medical supplies for doctors and other health workers is only about 1 million. Delayed payments the lengthy embargo imposed by Congos national government on the WHO partners to curb the spread of a new disease have hampered the response to the disease.

The Douma Daily Communities is striving to resolve the problem by re-directing any potential donations from her donor community to diagnostic testing kits said Lavender.

Congos vast remote northern border provinces such as North Kivu Ituri Ituri-Saharan and Kawana are across the border and there are no reliable mental health services in those places said Trying to resolve the financial support backlogIn sharp contrast to the inadequate supports provided in isolated clusters across remote northern Congo in recent months Haitian officials have been providing health and sanitation workers with information about how to safely travel to cities such as Mbandaka and Mbandaka-Bikoro (meaning the Bouba tribe that ruled before the official accounts closed in 2015) Lavender said.

These groups did so at the request of the Haitian government he said. As a result KHBS Radio has been able to confirm that the kits are refurbished to work correctly once the units arrive in clinics.

Over the weekend KHBS heard from the Ventafam Ministry of Health about the need for testing kits which would allow the kits to be fitted with CD47 COVID-19 test kits in order to help health workers and others affected by the disease Lavender said.

Officials say the kits can be assembled without the current gear needed he said.

Officials in North Kivu and North Kivu-Bikoro provinces are in constant contact with Ventan Minister Joseph Kabikwa to discuss the kits and the conditions established for them to travel to Mbandaka or Mbandaka-Bikoro provinces he said.

That aid comes at a time when the length of isolation for people being evacuated from North Kivu and North Kivu-Bikoro has taken a devastating toll on the cognitive sexual and physical health of survivors.

Lavender said the operating procedures for the kits will be revolving around an evacuation center in Diga Labinda 10 km (6 miles) south of Mbandaka and the kits will be calmer and more precise. Health Ministry assistant secretary Helen Noone who has been coordinating the deployment of the kits is seeking approval to equip the kits in the area Lavender said.

Chemical manufacturers worldwide supply diagnostic testing kits for the disease laboratory products. They believe several manufacturers have been unable to establish factories in the immediate North Kivu and North Kivu South and South Kivu provinces due to restrictions imposed by the Obama-era International Labor Organization.