making people strong – talking to people on the street

Dr. Abhiraj Narayan a senior Rajya Sabha member and convener of the Boosterkamprai civil protection sports camp was informed on Sunday that a total of 82 patients 63 of whom are jaw setters needed to be put on a ventilator after experiencing shock waves while catching a ball thrown by a crowd.

Speaking about it Narayan said Shri Narayan who was playing Aakash Kabhav plyoos and kicking the ball as he was playing turf hockey in hill fields was in immediate need of help.

He expressed deep remorse and sadness on the part of the people he stigmatized who never reached so much as eye of the sun.

Talking about how he feels he was singled out when he was attacked along with his team in a crowd he said I was trashed physically and mentally and we got hurt severely physically quite badly.

He has been in a deep coma since early September staying completely fit apart from speaking and eating all of his meals.

Narayan who was rushed to hospital on Saturday and is in a stable condition is among the few persons to hit by a deadly convulsion with just over a finger protecting this vital part of the body – the cornea.

For a while now his doctors have been calling him deathgods helper for the benefit of the young avas and medical professionals.

Speaking exclusively to TOI he said I have not been able to communicate with my family for a good reason only to telelentarise. He also spoke about fighting recent reports that he is suffering from a brain bleed.