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The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OKHCSC) has secured a contract with Maxx Innovuits to assist with prototype manufacturing facilities supply and manufacturing processes related to its ongoing clinical trial procurement distribution and disposal of medical devices. The biomedical devices commercial label potentially encompasses a range of high-tech products from mathematics-based personal computing devices to surgical tools imaging fragrance and other.

The new contract announced today by said OKHCSC director of biomedical products Alon Friedman M. D. the companys Chief Innovation Officer came 10 years after Maxx Innovuits moved its Louisville Kentucky headquarters to a building owned by the city of Oklahoma City bringing its operations to an end.

Maxx Innovuits (Maxx) is a global electrical prototyping and data acquisition company headquartered in Milan Italy. Maxx offers a range of prototyping solutions for small-button projectors (up to 250 mm square) electronic circuit boards printed circuits small screen printing robotic pumps and other applications including medical devices.

Friedman said that the contract rounds out an ongoing partnership that has seen the company build its production facilities in Toledo which it began operating in 2010.

Our goal as group members is to commercialize Maxx products and help develop public-private partnerships which are innovative and sustainable directions for health technologies by using Maxx GmbH LLC in order to create the replacement and enhancement of medical products for patients said Friedman. This collaboration with Maxx is us building on our relationship with the University of Oklahoma and the need to establish a clinical trial location for clinical trials to advance medical technology.