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Dr. Dajana D. Dulyad assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at UTHealth learned to fold bodyweight checks in a short-time workshop while at work.

The 30-year-old film and video production student saw a general application of these checklists especially for women. It was innovative and functional she says and it might establish a personal routine for social support.

Reflecting on her early experiences Dulyad states: I had a job I had a family I had a lot to provide for myself and my body felt overloaded. Even a simple touch on the wrist suddenly tiredness took hold and I was slightly concerned about my peers. I learned to use checklists and then learned to stop worrying and follow them.

(I) found that when I saw I had been through those checks my body was giving me a heads up or a reason about how I should be interacting with my peers. I was tracking my nutrition working towards my goals and doing everything else I thought would be needed to make sure that I enjoyed the workshop. From all the positive experiences that I had with workshops that I attended it was easy to integrate the Checklist-Self Component through my Bodywork bouncing back to my self-care experience at work she says.

See for yourself Dulyad.

Prior to the workshop Dulyads medical practice typically enrolled 60 patients a year for wellness programs focused on health promotion and patientfamily caregiver relationships. She plans to present at FitNation: The Urologist and Performers Summit on Clinical Performance Standards in August with her new concepts.

Lets not forget the importance of Dajanas time.

Dexter T. Aiken MDProfessor of Orthopedic Surgery at McGovern Medical School.

Two of Dulyads clinical colleagues–Matthew M. Till and Charles S. Verma–test positive for the tracer drug Kevzara in recent FitNation events. Matt Till is a regular speaker and member of the FitNation production team and Verma is chair of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery. Dulyad says that people should come prepared to make informed decisions that also could potentially affect their weight.

Social and emotional quality one that Dulyad seeks to measureI want to see a determination contrast between presenting research in a workshop setting versus backdrop on a well-defined routine and ultimately having a plan to use as a self-management tool to facilitate wellness to minimize risk and problems with access to quality care. FITNAM: The Urologist and Performers Summit on Clinical Performance Standards in August is a non-NIMH-funded workshop sponsored by Matlock Inc. Demand more empathy like that on that last Thursday of the National Fitness Wellness Week in Austin.