We have two self injury messageboards affiliated to the Scar Tissue website. Scar Tissue is a message board for people with direct experience of self harm; people who harm themselves. It is a place where they can find advice and support from others dealing with the same issues.

Scar Tissue currently has just under 500 members, with the majority of these posting on a regular basis. The messageboard comprises of a range of forums covering most areas of self harm, as well as some hidden forums dealing with some other issues. Admission to those hidden forums is strictly controlled by Scar Tissue’s admin staff.

Written on the Body is a message board for people who have indirect experience of self harm; they are the friends, family members, teachers and colleagues of people who are dealing with self harm, and it is a place where they can find out more about supporting self harmers as well as finding support themselves.

Written on The Body is a fairly new board, created as Scar Tissue’s admin realised that there was very little peer to peer support on the internet for those dealing with self harmers. The messageboard comprises of a range of forums covering things such as self harm at home, school and the workplace, what treatment self harmers can expect in a medical environment and a comprehensive set of frequently asked questions.

Both messageboards are run by two administrators, myself and Alison, as well as a team of moderators assigned to their own forum. We take the safety and well being of our members very seriously, and both boards are moderated to ensure that no pro self injury posts are made. We are not a pro self injury board, and while we recognise that self injury can, at times, be the lesser of two evils, we do not encourage our members to use self injury as anything other than a last resort.

Due to problems with spammers joining, registration is required on both boards. On Scar Tissue all forums (apart from General Rules) have been set so that registration is required to view and post. On Written on The Body, the forums have been set so that they can be viewed by anyone but can only be posted in by registered members.