Scar Tissue is a not for profit organisation which aims to provide information on self injury and give support to those dealing with it.

We have a range of services that we can offer, including leaflets and publications for downloads (check out our publications section); a two-monthly newsletter providing informative and interesting articles on self injury as well as readers’ letters and experiences, and posters providing information on self injury.

Wristbands and Keyrings
Scar Tissue is now selling self injury awareness wristbands and keyrings. Both wristbands and keyrings are made of orange silicone and are embossed with the words Self Injury Awareness and the Scar Tissue website address. These can be shipped anywhere in the world, and all money raised will go to covering the cost of running Scar Tissue

You can buy via Paypal and don’t need to have an account; simply use a credit or debit card. If you’re unable to use PayPal and live in the UK you can send a cheque instead – email [email protected] for details. If you live outside the UK and are unable to use Paypal please contact wol[email protected] and we’ll try to work something out.

Please note that while we still have plenty of keyrings, we are now out of wristbands. If you are interested in buying a wristband, email [email protected]; if there’s enough interest we may consider placing an order, but it would cost too much to order only a limited amount of wristbands.

Delivery within Europe


    • One keyring – £2.50
    • Three keyrings – £5.50
    • Five keyrings – £7.50



Delivery Outside Europe

    • One keyring – £3.20
    • Three keyrings – £7.20
    • Five keyrings – £8.50


As a rough guide to price, £1 is equal to $2 USD, $2 CAN, $2.20 AUS, €1.35 Euros. If you pay by Paypal you will not need to work out the conversion rate; Paypal does it for you.

If you are in the UK and unable to pay by Paypal you can send a cheque. Please email me at [email protected] for further details.

Options for those outside the UK who are unable to pay by Paypal are limietd. A moneygram adds an awful lot onto the cost of a wristband or keyring and sending a money order is out of the question as my bank will charge £28 to cash it. The other two options I’ve found are auctionchex and moneybookers.

This is taken from the auctionchex Help page:

I am in the USA, and I want to pay somebody in England

The basic steps you need to follow are :

* Enter your contact details.
* Enter your sellers (the recipients) email address.
* Continue to enter the recipients address
* (If they are pre registered, their address will be prefilled for you)
* Continue to enter the details of the actual payment (auction number/reference or description)
* Enter the total amount to pay the recipient (enter as numbers only, no currency symbols please)
* Select the method and currency type for auctionchex to send to the recipient
* The currency type for England is GBP (Great Britian Pounds or Sterling)
* Select the method and currency type (USD) to send your payment to Auctionchex
* The page will calculate any currency exchange values for you
* The page will also automatically include any applicable fees
* Check the e-money box if applicable
* Add a message to the payment recipient if you wish
* Select preview to view your entered details
* If all details are correct submit, if not go back to edit
* On submit you will be reminded of how to send money to Auctionchex
* System generated emails have now been sent to both parties in the transaction

This was taken from moneybookers:

You can send money by going to the Send Money tab and following the instructions. You only need the email address of the recipient to execute the payment.

If you would like to pay by either of these options please email me first.



Do you only sell them in the UK?

    • The wristbands and keyrings will be posted out from the UK but they can be sent anywhere in the world.

Do you deliver to America?
Yes, we can post your wristbands and keyrings worldwide.

How much is a wristband in Canadian dollars?
It depends on the currency rate at the time of your purchase but there are currently about 2 Canadian Dollars to 1 British Pound, so one wristband (at £2.30) should cost you less than $5.

How are the wristbands/keyrings being delivered?
All wristbands/keyrings are delivered using the Royal Mail first class service (UK and RoI) or the Royal Mail airmail service (all other countries). For more information on these services please see the Royal Mail website.

How soon will I get my wristband/keyring?
This does depend on the Royal Mail, but the average postage times are as follows:
First class to UK or RoI – 1-2 (delivery times not guaranteed);
First class airmail to the rest of the world – 3–5 working days (no online tracking service).

My wristband/keyring hasn’t arrived, can I have a refund?
Please see above for the average postage times; it might be that it will take longer to deliver your wristband/keyring. As we are using the Royal Mail posting service we cannot be held responsible for late or non deliveries, but if you are worried that it’s been a while since your items were posted, please email me.

I’ve changed my address since ordering, what do I do?
If you’ve changed your address please 
email me giving me your name, old and new address and how many wristbands/keyrings you’ve ordered. If you’ve changed your address before the wristbands are posted I will send them to your new address; if you’ve changed your address after I’ve posted them out you’ll have to make sure you leave a forwarding address so you’ll still receive them.

How much is postage and packaging?
It’s free – or rather, it’s included in the total price.

Is it cheaper to buy them in bulk?
Yes; the more you buy the more money you’ll save.

Can I buy 30 keyrings from you for my group/organisation?
Of course. If you email [email protected] we’ll work something out for you.

I don’t have a PayPal account, how do I buy keyrings?
You can use PayPal to use your credit or debit card and you don’t have to have an account with them. Check out the Paypal help page for more details.

How do I pay by cheque?
Email [email protected] and we’ll give you the information you need to send a cheque.

I don’t live in the UK and can’t use Paypal, what can I do?
Please see the notes above; there are other options to pay but these are more expensive. If you do decide to pay by using auctionchex or moneybookers, please email me first.

PayPal didn’t work for me.
If you’re having trouble using PayPal close your browser, re-open your browser, ensure that you have cookies enabled and try again. If you’re still having trouble try the Paypal help section for more advice.

PayPal won’t accept my card.
We have found that some users are having trouble registering cards to Paypal. This seems to be because those cards don’t have the 3 digit security number on the signature strip. This is really a Paypal issue, so you’d need to contact them but there are other ways you can pay for the cards (see above).

Are you making a profit from selling these?
Scar Tissue is making money from selling the wristbands and keyrings but we’re not making a profit. All of the money raised from selling the wristbands and keyrings will go back into buying more wristbands, running the website and funding the other costs that help us raise awareness about self-injury.

What are the wristbands/keyrings made from?
They’re made from silicone, coloured orange. The text on them is debossed and coloured in white ink.

Will I be allergic to the silicone?
Maybe – not many people are, but if you know you are allergic, buy a keyring instead. Alternatively we now have a CafePress Shop that you can buy items from. Like the wristbands and keyrings, all money made from selling items on Cafe Press will go back into running Scar Tissue.

How big are the wristbands?
They measure 202mm x 12mm so if you’re worried it might fall off, or be too small, you could tie it onto your bag, or buy a keyring instead.

What’s the writing on the wristbands? Is it the same on the keyrings?
The writing on both wristbands and keyrings is the same, reading “self injury awareness” and “”.


Coming Soon

Information Packs
We’ll also be creating some information packs on dealing with self injury in schools, youth clubs and the work place, among others. Watch this space for more information.

School Visits
Scar Tissue will be happy to come to your school, youth club or place of work to give talks on self injury and how to deal with it. Email [email protected] for more information.