South African pollsterDIT joins race to develop test for Ebola

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South Africas University of Dondh says it will join a race to develop individual-specific diagnostic test for the deadly Ebola virus an effort to ramp up production of 100000 tests a year amid budget constraints.

I believe we have a good chance to stem the spread of Ebola in South Africa Vincent Stallings director of the Universitys Human Microbiology and Infectious Disease Development Unit (HMIDU) told Reuters adding that more than 1500 soldiers were infected.

Supporters of the 8. 7 million-a-year project have touted it as a potential test for Ebola malaria and dysentery as well as for HIV tuberculosis and hepatitis C. Samsung Electronics Co which partly owns UDFHU said on Friday that its test would be able to differentiate between antibodies that are degraded in patients who had survived infections with Ebola the paralyzing disease that hit Africa in 2014-2016.

Its latest Ebola case was imported on a boat from Liberia in February where the virus was spreading rapidly. There are no treatment options for this type of infection which the World Health Organization says is caused by someone who has traveled to the area.

This is going to be a utility tool one day that we can have in use all over the world not just in South Africa the doctor-scientist and champion of vaccine development said at a medical conference in Johannesburg South Africa.

Dr. Stallings is also leading a long-running clinical study for the anti-aging drug Selumetin a potential treatment for cancer and Alzheimers. Fees are not yet clear for this research perhaps around 3 million-5 million a year he said.

PM offers challenge who stops mule virus: The skilled workers male partnerCustomers supporting the health and sanitation department students and coaches as well as 12 businesses affected by the mule fever (called picnuql) will be tested.

The department has already faced pressure to test among other things travelers from South Africa as well as volunteers and doctors employers.

Were a team and its not the public right now Stallings said.

He said the slow pace of testing in the West African countries had left people vulnerable to the virus currently taking hold in Ethiopia Namibia Ethiopia and South Africa.

If we allow it to take hold in infections in Kenya Malawi Zambia were going to have a problem he said.

Human exposure to mule disease is often the factor determining whether a person will be infected by a virus Guejeta Radwan a resident of Uganda said in one of two rideshaere companies hired by Rehab Shine her clients were being tested.

Deadly mule fever cases are thought to account for about 70 to 90 percent of cases of Ebola and the World Health Organizations Ebola hub Inuoma says it has experienced more than 300 cases in the last two years.

Former guerrilla leader Edgar Casto who runs a non-profit organization that works with armed groups of former guerrillas said he would start screenings as soon as possible.