Scar Tissue is a not for profit organisation which aims to provide information on self injury and give support to those dealing with it.

If you would like to support Scar Tissue there are several things you can do. The most obvious is to continue using the site and the messageboard, but also by spreading the word. Tell your family, friends and colleagues about us or download some of our posters and display those. We can also be found on various other websites, including MySPace, Facebook and Bebo, and we could use your support there. Check us out (links below) and add us to your friends list.

You can also get information about Scar Tissue and self injury by subscribing to our newsletter. Published on a quarterly basis it provides informative and interesting articles on self injury as well as readers’ letters and experiences.

Like most non-profit organisations, Scar Tissue is funded by myself and Alison, who pay for the site with our own money and dedicate our time to running it. If you would like to help cover the cost of running Scar Tissue (all money raised will go back into running the site) you can buy our self injury awareness wristbands and keyrings. The wristbands are made of orange silicone and are embossed with the Scar Tissue name and website address (coming in adult and youth sizes), while the keyrings have the Scar Tissue logo and website address on them. Prices start at £2.30 for one within Europe or £2.80 for one outside Europe (prices include postage and packaging), and they can be shipped anywhere in the world. Check them out (and order online) at our services page.

You can also take Scar Tissue with you wherever you go, and help raise awareness of self injury, with our online shop at Cafe Press! We have a range of items for sale that promote the organisation, and all profits go straight back into running the site. All our products have the Scar Tissue logo or website address on them, and the things we sell include t-shirts, mugs, stickers and teddy bears! You’ll find us at