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Malnutrition a Key Sign of Early-Onset Tuberculosis, Lung Disease

Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the leading causes of childhood tuberculosis (CT) worldwide. Tuberculosis protein in the lungs and TB cells interact to form a biofilm that can form on the lungs (airways), lungs and lymph system. We urgently need more information to know the proper treatment of patients so that we can be better prepared to fight TB', says Professor Claes Søndergaard Christensen, researcher at the University of Copenhagen's Nordic Institute of Health and Welfare. During the duration of the study, the students received various chronic disease treatments: chemotherapy (molecular and experimental), occupational therapy (neurotoxic), antibiotics or both.

Targeted T cell therapy to improve vascular function of colon cancer

Signaling pathways of CXCL12 v for treatment of colon cancer patients were visualized in a mouse model. It was discovered that these kinases cooperate for a signaling cascade that promotes blood vessel development in acute liver cancer (ALC) and human colorectal adenocarcinoma (HCC). This study adds to an emerging field of cell therapies study by McCool lab with fellow investigators at UTHealth's Center for Translational Biology and Therapeutics. The two laboratories collaborated to create a mouse model that mimics the human pathology of each disease.