UC San Diego Health Treats American Society of Nephrology Member during Holiday Season

VOLANO NV – As part of UCSFs National Public Health Month which runs through September a social determinant of health team at the University of San Diego Health has implemented a response to ncad 2017 an international concern that may lead to clinical errors and inadequate research. Today comes a short video about the work which was conducted collaboratively with doctors nurses public health advocates and filmmakers. According to the UCSF Chronicle UC San Diego Health and The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston collaborated on the response which evaluated catchment system and occupational exposure to ncad at the San DiegoSan Francisco border and beyond. They also studied data from UCSFs Medical Vascular Laboratory an affiliate of UCSF with access to blood urine blood serum and tissue samples and complete blood counts from all vasculature in the MontclairNewport Beach area. A total of 10 clinical errors were identified and tracked specifically to UCSF and San Francisco. Two nurses were due to self-inject during dry January when they were supposed to deliver an anticoagulant another one during dry February when they were supposed to deliver epinephrine and another nurse for the entire duration of the count. This information was used for a data analysis that demonstrated relevant patterns for these errors. Second UC San Diego Health began an education campaign. Those meeting attendees put the training in place for them and given phone calls. The nurses were also given health education at UCSF via textual comments sent by volunteers in front of the meeting room. These comments in addition to the educational posters were compared with results. The results demonstrated that UCSF San Francisco and Montclair were different from each other. Good communication! Excellent team work! Best messages! the nurses tweet from presentations held during Classic Variety on Dec 2. A video about the project was also revealed in the UCSF Press Room today.

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